Product Protector


Introducing the High Grade Tungsten Steel Pallet and Product Protector – the ultimate solution to reduce product, labor, and pallet damage. This innovative product pays for itself in days or weeks and ensures customer products are protected while reducing roll-over and back injuries.



The Pallet and Product Protector is a revolutionary product designed to eliminate damage to both the pallet and product while loading trailers. With its innovative design, it allows pallets to be pushed, shoved or hit without causing any damage to the product or pallet. Made of high-grade tungsten steel, this protector distributes impact to the 2X4’s or 4X4’s of the pallet, protecting the front leading board from damage. It also protects the hosing and cylinder of the side shifter, preventing contamination of products with hydraulic oil. The product is easy to install and installs in less than a minute, with no maintenance required. It helps reduce roll-over due to pallet board and debris and ensures that customer products won’t be damaged, reducing the cost of re-stacking and repacking of products into boxes and stacking on pallets, helping to eliminate back injuries. With no loss of visibility through the side shifter, the Pallet and Product Protector is a must-have for any business that values safety and efficiency.


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