Why Pallet Protector?

Our Patented Pallet & Product Protector is the ultimate solution to costly damage and injuries:
  1. Prevents product, labor, and pallet damage, saving companies millions.
  2. Delivers quick ROI by eliminating repacking, re-stacking, and pallet repairs.
  3. Enables pallets to withstand pushing, shoving, and impact without harm.
  4. Guards against front leading board damage.
  5. Distributes impact to pallet 2x4s or 4x4s (stringers or blocks).
  6. Safeguards hydraulic systems to prevent product contamination.
  7. Avoids damage to top board or product when entering pallet at an angle.
  8. Constructed from high-grade tungsten steel.
  9. Easy installation in under a minute.
  10. Zero maintenance required.
  11. Reduces roll-over incidents caused by pallet board and debris.
  12. Unobstructed visibility through side shifter.
  13. Ensures customer products arrive undamaged.
  14. Increases safety and reduces costs associated with restacking, repacking, and palletizing, which can lead to back injuries.